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    The Hall of Mirrors Arcade was a collaborative art project conceived and headed by Alexander "Wolf" Griffin. It was a featured art project ("honorarium") for the Burning Man Festival in 2015. In addition to Burning Man, parts of the Arcade have appeared at Playa del Fuego, Freeform Arts Festival, PEX Summer Festival, FIGMENT DC, and Artomatic.

    The Arcade consisted of three pieces, a human-sized Foosball "table" called Foosball Reimagined, the Giant Pachinko machine, and a super-sized marble labyrinth named Playa Art Tour. We received funding through Burning Man Arts, Freeform Arts Festival, Playa del Fuego, PEX Summer Festival, and by the generosity of several private contributors. Thank you all for supporting our project and helping us realize our dreams!

    Approximately 50 people from the Washington DC and Baltimore burner communities helped construct, paint, program, transport and build this wondeful project. Giant Pachinko and Foosball Reimagined were designed by Wolf. Marble Labyrinth was designed by Andrei Ponomarev and Jeff Tackes.

    Where are the pieces now?

    Marble Labyrinth was last displayed publically at Artomatic in Hyattsville, MD. As of Burning Man 2016 it was given to the camping group Kidsville.

    Giant Pachinko is scheduled for public display at Hermitage Museum in Norfolk VA for their "The Art of Burning Man" exhibit, on select dates between June 15 and October 12. Giant Pachinko passed ownership to Squirr Lee and her team in late 2016; they have refurbished the machine back to working order and are considering more art installations beyond Hermitage Museum.

    Foosball Reimagined has been partially dismantled and may eventually be disposed. We felt its artistic goals have been fully met, and setting it up at future events seems impractical.

    Wolf has moved to Portland, Oregon and continues to design and construct large scale art there.

    Marble Labyrinth

    Foosball Reimagined

    Giant Pachinko

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