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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where does the name "Hall of Mirrors" come from?
      There are several right answers! Many carnival midways had a "hall of mirrors" as part of a freak show or funhouse. In France, the Palace of Versailles has a room called the "Hall of Mirrors" (or "Galerie des Glaces"). And of course there was the 2001 movie by that name. But the Lead Artist chose the name "Hall of Mirrors" to honor Roger Zelazny and his Chronicles of Amber series, more specifically Prince of Chaos the last book of the series... which happens to be in Wolf's Top 10 Favorite Books of All Time.
    • Why supersize these machines?
      Interactive art is all the rage these days, and arcade games are exactly that. In the Burner community people love not only interactive playthings, but cooperative interactive playthings. By super-sizing these three art pieces we are encouraging people to work together to "be" the art, to play the games, to have fun and merriment.
    • Where was Hall of Mirrors Arcade constructed?
      In garages and basements of suburban Maryland.
    • Where are the pieces now?
      Foosball has been decommissioned. The team that made Marble Labyrinth has plans to install and enhance the piece for more festivals into 2016, with a possible return to Burning Man. The fate of Giant Pachinko is currently unknown. It is in storage in Maryland for the time being, but we would eventually like to donate the piece to a non-profit park or organization for public display.
    • Is this Wolf's first Honorarium?
      Yes. Although he has worked on two other Honorarium projects previous to this one: Doug Taphouse's "Polygonia" in 2010, and DC CORE's 2013 regional project "Pyramid of the Illuminati." Simultaneous to the Hall of Mirrors project, Wolf also designed and proposed a Regional Honorarium for 2015, the "Macabre Penny Arcade" which represented the Baltimore Burner community at the Buning Man Midway!
    • What about Flame Effects? Have you considered poofers or flame throwers?
      We get this question a lot. During the grant application process, we found there were a lot of extra hassles involved with safety and engineering of pyrotechnic effects. Therefore we did not budget them for the initial build.
    • Will you (ever) burn this art?
      Well... the plan is to make it out of materials that can be burned safely, like non-pressure treated lumber. At this time we don't plan to burn anything, but who knows. What would be really wonderful is if the games (or a more durable remake of them) could be put into permanent art installations somewhere. As these original games will be made primarily out of wood, their outdoor durability would be somewhat limited. An indoor installation would be much better.

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