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  • About the Artists

    Project Lead / Principal Artist: Wolf

    Alexander Griffin a.k.a. "Wolf" has been attending Burning Man and several regional events since 2009, and is an active participant of the Washington DC Burner Community. Notable art participation at past Burns includes:
    • Polygonia (2010): an Honorarium which was the major art project representing the D.C. community in 2010. It was prominently positioned around The Man's base in four color-coordinated installations.
    • DC CORE (2013): Wolf was brought on to the project originally to be the chief Electronics Designer and Electrical Lead but ended up being the Construction Lead for the whole project, due to his experience with carpentry and construction of weight-bearing structures.
    • Pyramid of Possibilities (2014): this was the DC area's biggest art project for this past Burning Man. Wolf designed the electronics, and was an active participant as carpenter during its construction.
    • Hall of Mirrors Arcade (2015): Weeks before proposals were due for 2015, Wolf had no intention and no idea to submit for an Honorarium proposal. The idea for the Arcade hit like a thunderstorm Thanksgiving weekend and wouldn't let him sleep. The Hall of Mirrors Arcade was a successful project in virtually every respect, and it won't be Wolf's last!
    Wolf thrives on dreaming up interactive art projects for burns. He plans to make a continuing series of delightful art pieces, and wants to help others in the Burner community realize their dreams by sharing knowledge of electronics, LEDs, carpentry, power tools and artistic design.

    Wolf has a degree in Electrical Engineering and is an accomplished woodworker. He has been designing, building and playing musical instruments for several years.

    Art Project Teams

    Giant Pachinko Team:

    • Concept: Wolf
    • Team Lead: Wolf
    • Carpentry: Wolf
    • Art Captain: Chelsea Dobert-Kehn
    • Programmers: Bill Pugh, Wolf
    • Artists: Chelsea, Carolyn, Emilie, Patricia Leeb, Millie McMillan, others!
    • Game Designer: Wolf
    • Electronics design: Wolf
    • Electronics Assistance: Babak Javadi
    • Painters and Construction: Rusl Rlowers, Donna Flowers, Mark Brailsford, Michael Chen, Andrei Ponomarev, Stanley Moore, Carolyn, Mark Rubin, Jenny Sparkkles, Michael Verdon, Keith, Anne, Liana Algarin, Jay Converse, Thomas Lafarge, Carrie Carpenter, Meredith Funda

    Foosball Reimagined Team:

    • Concept: Wolf
    • Team Lead: Wolf
    • Carpentry: Wolf
    • Art Captain: Chelsea Dobert-Kehn
    • Artists: Chelsea Dobert-Kehn, Carolyn, Patricia Leeb
    • Painters/Construction: Rusl Flowers, Donna Flowers, Michael Chen, Mark Rubin, Jenny Sparkkles, Millie McMillian, Ian Scott, Michael Verdon
    • Lights/Electronics: Wolf
    • Transport (Freeform): Millie & Ian, Camp Beemore

    Marble Labyrinth Team:

    • Concept: Jeff Tackes, Wolf, Babak Javadi
    • Blueprints: Andrei Ponomarev
    • Team Lead: Andrei
    • Game design: Jeff
    • Construction: Andrei, Jeff, Mike Sheehy, Alex Cramer, Rusl Flowers, KJ Donohugh, Sean, Silver, Wolf
    • Artists: Chelsea Dobert-Kehn, Michael Verdon
    • Electronics: Wolf, Babak

    Art Installation Team

    • Art Installation Coordinators: Wolf, Patricia, Babak, Jay
    • Support Camp Leads: Rusl and Donna Flowers, Patricia Leeb, Silver, Jay Converse
    • "Staff of Power" design and construction: Rusl Flowers

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